StaySafe – Lone Worker

Have you considered your families or employees personal safety?

Stay Safe is an innovative and award-winning smartphone app which provides a 24/7 practical solution tracked via GPS providing the location of the person who activated the device.

Session times are easily initiated by the person using the device should they feel vulnerable.

On expiry of the nominated time if the device has not been cancelled appropriately the device automatically raises an alarm to ARM Security and provides the GPS location of the user.

The device can be used by family members wanting personal protection and employees who are required to work on their own (Property Managers, Nurses, Trades people, Drivers, Cleaners, Retail Staff etc.)

Contact ARM Security for a demonstration of Stay Safe and a free 14 day trial. (Conditions apply).


Timed Sessions

Employees are able to start a timed session before they begin a period of lone work or travel. This triggers a countdown timer and GPS location monitoring. If an employee fails to end their session safely, a session expiry alert will be raised in the Hub and sent to ARM Security.

Session Check-in

This feature requires lone workers to check-in to a running session at set intervals to confirm they are safe. The length of time between check-ins can be customised in the Hub. If a user misses a check-in, an alert will be raised in the Hub in the same way as a session expiry.


The panic button allows an employee to send an immediate alert if they are in need of assistance. Panic can be performed at any time and does not need an active session to be running.

Discreet Panic

A panic alert can be triggered using the phone’s power button or connected blue tooth device, allowing an alert to be raised discreetly from the user’s pocket, clothing or handbag directly to ARM Security.


If an employee is being forced by an attacker to terminate the app, a ‘false PIN’ can be entered to appear as if a session or alert has been cancelled. In actual fact, a duress alert will be triggered and raised in the Hub.

Low Battery

Low battery warnings will alert you when an employee’s phone battery is running low so you can remind them to charge their device.

Low Signal Mode

In areas where a data connection cannot be made, the StaySafe app will automatically switch to low signal mode. In this mode, session functions and alerts will continue to be sent to the Hub via SMS.


The StaySafe app is linked to a secure cloud based monitoring hub which accurately locates your lone workers on a map and provides you with real-time updates on their movements. This innovation through BOLD Track presents mapping in the event directly to ARM Security.

ARM Security Monitoring Call notifications

Prefer to receive alerts over the phone? With Stay Safe’s phone call notifications you will receive a phone call from Stay Safe with the details of an alert through an automated message.

Keep an Audit Trail

Staff responsible for resolving incidents can add notes on the actions taken to resolve an alert. Notes are saved within the reporting section so there is always an audit trail to refer to.

Set Standard Operating Procedures

You can set SOPs within the Hub to provide all monitors with a single written procedure to follow so that they all know how to respond in the event of an alert being triggered.

Text and Email Notifications

If one of your employees fails to check-in safely after a lone working session or raises an alert, a notification will pop up on screen as well as via SMS text and email allowing you locate them and get help straight away.


Reporting allows you to see how many sessions and alerts have been triggered over a chosen time period, allowing you to monitor how often employees are using the app.

Scheduled Reporting

You can schedule Hub reports to be sent to several recipients on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Reports are sent at 9am and reflect a time period beginning and ending at 00.00.


ARM Security Monitoring Centre is a Grade A1 facility provisioning 24/7 monitoring response to our customer’s security needs.