Monitoring Types Self Monitoring (Push Notifications/SMS) Local Alarm (Audible Only) ARM Security professional monitoring
Alarm Events responded to within Australian Standard/NZS2201 time frames
Police or Patrol Response sent to site either on request of a key holder or when a key holder is unable to be contacted
24 hour monitoring of your alarm system and communication path integrity
Notification of Mains Power failure and Low Battery indications
24 /7 continuous monitoring and prompt notification on any system faults
Insurance Company Approved
Police approval to contact the Police Control Centre for Multi Zone Alarm Activations
Virtual Video Verification
Response to Hold Up Alarms and Request for Assistance


Professional Monitoring Advantage:

  1. Authorised to contact the Police for multiple zone alarms and provide live alarm activity information.
  2. Immediate notification to a client if the communications between the alarm system and the monitoring center is compromised.
  3. A/C fail (Mains power loss) power out to your alarm potentially means for multiple phase site refrigerated or freezer goods could become compromised.
  4. Ability to contact multiple key holders and undertake their specific instructions on how to manage alarm activations (dispatch, Police, Patrol Company, or alterative responder).
  5. Insurance company may stipulate professional monitoring and offer a discount on premiums.

Points to note:

  1.  SMS or push notifications can potentially be delayed depending on network congestion
  2. SMS notifications can generate significant cost on phone accounts if an alarm activation or system fault can’t be reset remotely. (Panels may dial out every 15 to 30 seconds on the mobile network).