A.R.M. Security provides alarm monitoring services to both residential and commercial clients throughout Western Australia.

A.R.M. Security’s central monitoring station (control room) in West Perth has ASIAL Grade A1 Monitoring National Security Accreditation and is the largest independent A1 graded security monitoring station in Western Australia, ensuring that your alarm events are always handled in a professional and appropriate manner.

For our bureau clients we offer a full Web management facility (BOLD NEO Webb & BOLD Mobile) for agents to view / update their own lines details. We also offer email & facsimile automated reports.


ARM Security utilise the latest state of the art redundancy technology. Another example of our commitment to provide security monitoring with guaranteed continuity in the event of PSTN interruption.

Our Evolve/4G solution replaced the existing 2G redundancy platform that expired on 1st December 2016. This redundancy enables ARM Security to instantaneously divert all PSTN communications in the event of interruption or failure.


ARM Security have formulated a number of partnerships underpinning our high level of local service delivery. We are an umbrella company of CTI Logistics Pty Ltd, working alongside Securus who provides installation and servicing.

Internal Information Technology teams allow us to operate efficiently through our Telco providers, Telstra and Security Communications Solutions International. ARM Security state of the art security monitoring platform Manitou designed and built by BOLD Technologies.


ARM Security are an ASIAL Grade A1 Monitoring facility, fully compliant to AS 2201.2-2004

Physically the type of items that are covered in the standard are:

  • The construction of the center, together with its physical and fire protection
  • Access into the center and its mode of operation
  • Ventilation systems (their integrity and operation)
  • Power supply arrangements (multiple redundancy and standby times)
  • Communications (telephones, duress and radio)
  • Redundancy in the monitoring equipment and its record-keeping

The ASIAL grading scheme is to provide customers with the reassurance that the standards applied at a monitoring Centre, are independently audited on a regular basis.

Technology & Innovation

Since our recent upgrade to BOLD Manitou there are a number of technology advantages ARM Security now has on offer.

ARM Security has invested heavily in new and servers providing additional levels of redundancy across voice, data and transmission signals. State of the art receiver technology to process all your alarm events for PSTN, GPRS or IP solutions. Operator workstations CPU upgrades, the latest in Windows and Microsoft technology.

Many of ARM Security valued Agents and customers have seen this first hand.

Our business outlines these added service delivery advantages below:


Our Virtual Operator lets us handle, suspend, or close out low-priority alarms without operator intervention.

It handles assigned signals and enables the Manitou system to automatically respond to alarm events via emails, text messages, reverse channel commands, and Bold Media Gateway messages.

The Virtual Operator provides this ability ensuring our operators focus on high-priority alarms, and communicate with our customers effectively.


Improve efficiencies and provide better service! AutoText handles low priority alarms, including Unscheduled Opens, Late to Close, failing batteries, power cuts, etc. by utilizing SMS technology to alert the appropriate individuals through an action pattern.

AutoText can also be used inbound to put a system on test during maintenance or to check or extend a Late to Close time.


Arm Security are able to integrate alarm handling and video into one system through the Manitou automation software with the Video Control Centre. This supports over 50 integrated video technologies, including video verified, streaming video, and hosted video solutions.

No more disconnected systems: operators are able to work from a single user interface to improve response, communicate faster, and deliver a higher level of service.


Reduce operator error by utilizing action patterns for each alarm. An action pattern can be based on your entire account base, at a customer level, an event level, or a zone- specific level.

When an alarm occurs, the operator receives step by step instructions on how to handle it, reducing the possibility of missing a step or misinterpretation.


Bold’s partnership with SCSI means support and service for Manitou is right here in Australia.


With the Bold Net Web Access system, Agents & customers can access their accounts in Manitou from any location with Internet access.

Home screens are customized to provide important key statistics at a glance, and Agents can view account information on line.

Bold Net also features a mobile app that provides quick access to common activities and works on virtually any mobile device.

Intelligent and Detailed Action Patterns Operators are given more information than a simple call list. They receive step-by-step instructions to communicate faster and deliver better service.
Multiple Layers of Replication We incorporate multiple layers of replication to protect your data and your business from even the most adverse conditions.
Wide Variety of Integrated Technologies Pursue multiple revenue sources and provide more services with integrated Video, Access Control, GPS, GPRS Devices, and more!
Interface to Non-Standard Signaling Formats Opportunities for specialized monitoring services are growing. We provide the connection for you to our new services.
Automated Alarm Handling During Disasters Have the ability to off set priorities and automatically suspend alarms within a disaster area to maintain focus on high-priority alarms during an emergency situation.
Remote Management of Bureau Accounts We deliver complete connectivity using the latest web technologies. Access data, place accounts on and off test, log changes, run reports, and increase your productivity.
Custom Reporting Options Manage your business and customers with the ultimate reporting functionality. Report options include standard, simple, complex, and detailed.


Should you require further information on how we can assist your business or home directly, please contact one of our team members who will process you inquiry directly.