Not all monitoring companies are the same

  • Is your current monitoring centre compliant with the highest Australian Standards?
  • Are all events actioned in accordance with AS/NZS 2201.2 alarm processing times?
  • Is each event actioned by an experienced, knowledgeable and highly trained operator, accurately and consistently?

Security monitoring is a serious business with serious consequences when not managed promptly and accurately. From the initial inputting of the alarm monitoring information and specific response protocols, through to the actioning of events and the response provided to the client, there are detailed operational procedures which must be adhered to by the monitoring centre to ensure an accurate and consistent response is provided every time.

ARM have a long standing team of experienced control room operators, overseen by skilled managers and supported by high quality infrastructure, ensuring each response to your valued clients meets the highest standard.

Failure to execute the correct response, leaves the client at best dissatisfied, but more importantly, could escalate into a potential liability with reputational damage for the agent.

ARM have provided Grade A1 monitoring to the West Australian electronic security industry since 1989. Our Perth-based monitoring centre has earned a reputation for delivering high quality service. We understand the security industry and the flexibility agents require to support their clients.

ARM utilises the Bold Manitou monitoring platform, which is recognised as an industry leader in monitoring technology and allows ARM to provide fully integrated services across all monitoring requirements.

ARM provides:                    

  • Video Verification and Virtual Video  Tours
  • Email and SMS Alarm Events
  • GPS Location and Tracking (Lone Worker)
  • Helpful Agent Portal
  • Dedicated and detailed Event Action Plans

 If you would like to visit ARM to view first-hand the services we provide and how we can assist you, please contact Jeremy or Chris for a confidential discussion.

Jeremy Hopfmueller – 0437 991 908   
Chris  Burns –
0400 255 491